Happy Heart Attack Day!

Most people today think of Christmas as a time of gift giving, family and reflection, however one study pointed out that this time of year accounts for 12.4 percent more deaths than usual. Animal Control Service
A spike in the amount of heart attacks and deaths from other causes have been reported to occur in a far greater speed over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday than any other days of the year. Results of a study demonstrated that over the 14 days spanning the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season, there was almost a 5 percent jump in heart-related deaths and non-heart-related deaths.

Man in Santa Claus Costume
This radical surge in deaths over the holidays accounted for almost 43,000 more deaths than would have been expected.
Researchers explored a number of the probable reasons for the substantial number of deaths during this time period.
* Individuals were either too busy or feeling too festive to seek medical care or go to the hospital over the holidays
Experts recommended not putting off seeking medical care if it’s necessary just because it is the holiday season. They also urged holiday travelers to research their medical resources before taking their trip.
Researchers agreed that more studies will need to be run in order to learn what triggers the “Merry Christmas coronary” and the “Happy New Year heart attack.”
Dr. Mercola’s Comment:
If you’re a physician or employment at a hospital you may understand what a significant affect the hospital staff can have on individual status. More and more the hospital is now a place for the very seriously injured or impaired. This further compounds the challenge of or less than optimally trained for vacation coverage. It’s well known that hospital deaths grow over the weekend. Considering that drugs and physicians are the top factors for deaths, my vote for the key reason as to why the holidays have an elevated death rate are the care they receive in the hospital setting.
Luckily for you this is a simple one. If you’re following the Total Health Program that the odds you will need hospital care at some stage is extremely low. Being proactive and staying from the hospital, not only do you dramatically lower your chance of dying over the holidays, you may feel so great you can more fully appreciate the social facets of the season.